Jakub Zucha-Wihan (Kuba)

Jakub Zucha-Wihan (Kuba) has been practising and promoting straw bale building since 2002 when he met Amazon Nails at a European Strawbale conference and immediately caught strawbale frenzy!  Kuba was then trained by them as an Ambassador and became a teacher and builder as well as a designer.

Kuba was employed by amazonails as the Lead Designer for 4 years, working in Todmorden, and established his own practice in 2010 in the Czech Republic; he now also works with Straw Works as a designer, trainer and builder.

Kuba has a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague and in July 2007 he finished his thesis  ”Humidity in straw bale walls and its effect on the decomposition of straw” and received an MSc degree in Architecture – Environmental and Energy Studies with the University of East London at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. He is one of the foremost world authorities on moisture in strawbale walls and you can read his work in the book ‘Building with Straw Bales’ by Barbara Jones.

As a designer he specialises in using innovative technology that is simple, low cost and effective for achieving overall net zero emissions in durable straw bale construction. He teaches workshops on building and designing loadbearing strawbale structures and is much in demand throughout Europe for his cheerful, calm and humble approach to sharing his extensive knowledge. He speaks Czech, English and some Slovak and Russian.