School of Natural Building (SNaB)

The School of Natural Building was founded in August 2014, as a platform to offer training in Natural Building. As designers, we have a strong relationship with this sister company, and our clients often choose to work with SNaB for some or all of the construction of their project.

In response to Covid safety measures, all SNaB’s courses are now online. Please visit the SNaB website to find out more.

To get in touch with SNaB about individual courses, or the full training programme, email

Online Course

Alternatively, Barbara Jones has joined forces with LILI (Low Impact Living Initiative) to create an online course.

Based on Barbara’s ever-popular and recently updated book, Building with Straw Bales, the course features more than 200 minutes of clear and concise demonstration, explanation and instruction from Barbara herself. Also included are pdfs of diagrams and text to further illustrate the content. An absolute bargain at only £30!!

To access this amazing resource, click here.