Pitch to Rich – Vote for us!

It’s the day before voting in the Pitch to Rich competition ends http://tinyurl.com/cqgll69 and I am still suffering from shingles, the most painful thing to have happened to me in a long time, surprising as I’m not someone who generally gets ill. But the team here at HQ were busy last night, making a video featuring the 3 little pigs and the wolf, reclaimed from their bad press, and now singing about Barb the Builder. It’ll be up on facebook today, and is definitely worth a watch.

I’ve been learning loads about social media during my odd moments when I’ve felt well enough to engage with the internet, and have to reluctantly say that I can now see how powerful and useful it can be. Here at Straw Works we have an absolutely brilliant message, a way to make really positive change within construction, but much much wider than that, within all our lives. But not many people are hearing this yet. How do we get ourselves on the map? How do we grab the attention if we can’t buy it? It can happen through you, by ordinary people networking with their friends and colleagues about something they think is good to share. I have always appreciated my own large family and extended family (thanks mum!) who are networking like mad on my behalf, and my community here in Todmorden. But through social media I am also feeling very supported by my wider community of peers within the natural building world, who are re-tweeting for us and generally spreading the word. I’m sure we will get through to the final – but even at this level it’s great to be getting the message out to a wider audience:

It is possible to build using only natural materials, and to create beautiful, cosy, thermally efficient and affordable spaces that are kind to us and the planet.