We have designed Garden Buildings for many different uses, their main attribute is that they can be enjoyed for the full twelve months of the year. They remain warm, cosy, peaceful, beautiful spaces to inhabit.

All Year-round Garden Building with wood stove and sleeping platform

Pigeon Loft and Garden Room

Assington Mill – Several Projects

Hap Cottage

Yoga Studio

Self build Artists Studio

Strawbale Building: Warm in Winter, Cool Forever

More than just a Summer House: A Building from Straw Works all year round

You’re looking for an extra room. You care about the environment and want to do what’s right for the planet as well as your pocket. You are surrounded by many different choices: ‘Green This’ and ‘Eco That’. It’s no wonder you’re struggling to tell what is ‘greenwash’ and what is true.

Sit down for a minute. Breathe deeply. Listen to your heart.

Deep down, you know what natural materials are better than highly processed ones, for you as well as the environment.

Our strawbale buildings contain no cement, no artificial chemical products, and have the lowest carbon footprint of any building material available. The flexible nature of straw lends itself to organic shapes which resonate with the human body. Gently curved reveals around windows and doors soften the light.

The natural plasters absorb sound, creating a tangible feeling of quiet and stillness, perfect for reducing stress. The breathable walls and the use of natural materials allow a healthy toxin-free atmosphere.

Straw is a wonderful insulator, acoustically as well as thermally, which means heating costs in winter will be almost non-existent.

The feeling of being in a strawbale building is quite unlike anything else. Once you begin to understand the benefits of these timeless, natural materials your choice will become clear.

Every single one of the world’s oldest buildings is made exclusively from natural materials. Why not trust the evidence of thousands of years? Contact us about your project.

Straw Works offers a fully integrated service including site survey, design, planning application and building regs (if necessary), drawings, construction and even the option to build it yourself with our self-build mentoring scheme.

From £12,000 (with partial self-build) to £25,000 (complete up to 20 square metres).

Contact Clair at to find out more about how we can help you