Cuerden Valley Park (CVP)

Living Building Challenge

Communications Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer interested in community development and environmental education to support all staff in promoting the Living Building Challenge as development progresses on the new Visitor Centre building.

The role will also include promotion of volunteering and educational activities offered by the charity.

The Living Building Challenge is the built environment’s most rigorous performance standard. It calls for the creation of building projects at all scales that operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature’s architecture.

The Visitor Centre at CVP is the first building in the UK working towards this standard. Designed by Straw Works, it is a hybrid of loadbearing straw and timber frame, made entirely of natural materials including straw, timber, cedar shingles, lime plaster, smartply, sheepswool and hemp and is being built by the volunteers of CVP with Straw Works running courses and providing construction support.

Tasks will include:

  • Setting up an educational web site that shares information about the design, construction, and operation of the vistor centre.
  • Help keep relevant pages of the CVP’s website up to date, particularly the events/workshops items .
  •  Prepare or edit blog posts for stories for the CVP website (based on material submitted by staff and other volunteers)
  •  Assist in producing and disseminating outward-facing publications (brochures, posters etc.)
  •  Use social media (including Twitter, Facebook) to raise awareness of CVP’s ongoing activities and events
  • As and when opportunity allows, produce other communications outputs, such as posting event listings though other websites Person specification
  •  A passion for effective communication and environmental education/community work
  • Some experience of writing short news items, using social media and editing/producing short blogs.
  • Interest, experience or knowledge of nature conservation and/or community development work.
  •  A good working knowledge of MS-Word
  •  Ideally we would be looking for someone who could offer 2 days per month in volunteer time. This could be working from home or through time spent in the office.

Starting immediately.

Project Team

Client: Cuerden Valley Park Trust

Design & Construction Support: Straw Works,

Living Building Challenge Support: Fairsnape

Sustainability Support: Green & Castle.


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