Tiny Buildings

We now provide a range of beautiful, useful and unique tiny buildings.

In fact, we think of them as works of art, which can be used as:

• A reading and/or writing room
• An extra bedroom
• An office
• A retreat
• A music room
• A place to be…and anything else you can think of


To give you an idea of costs and specification, here’s an example of a possible size and price:


This is for a tiny strawbale building with:

  • External dimensions of 9ft x 6ft 6” (2.74 x 1.98)
  • Internal 6ft 6 “ x 4ft 3” (1.98 x 1.29)
  • Height Internally 5ft 6” (1.67)

The internal space is the size of a double bed or a booth in a restaurant for 4 people. It has 3 windows and a double door. The roof is insulated with sheep’s wool. The building is super warm and can be used all year round.

Internally you can decide, with our designer, what you’d like. (Additional costs may apply)

This size and design of building costs from £13,750.00 + delivery costs subject to accessibility and distance.

Delivery time is currently 12 weeks. Site visits are possible at £350 per day. If you’d like us to do the foundations for your building the cost is £600 extra if the site is within 50 miles of us here in Todmorden.

It may be possible to build your unique building on your site and we could do it with our trainees – let’s talk about it.

Each building is individually designed so if you are interested, contact our designer Rae Parkinson by email on who.rae@gmail.com or by phone 07720 716589. Rae will be delighted to talk you through the various options.