Memory Cottage, Martyn & Lil Newton

Martyn and Lil have moved to a new smallholding on 4.5 acres in rural Suffolk. They are building a 6 metre by 5 metre summerhouse/retreat as the trial to build a full size house on a different part of the site next year. The ground conditions are heavy clay close to a natural winter flooding pond, so it has raised car tyre pillar foundations, loadbearing walls, lime and clay plasters and beautiful views!

Straw Works has been giving advice and support, and ran a very successful course to build the walls. Martyn and volunteers have been working hard to finish everything off ready for the roof to be built, and the whole building has been protected from rain with a massive heavy duty tarpaulin. Luckily we had the best summer in years.

If you want to volunteer on this build, click here.


Through the square window


There’s a strawbale building under here


Sheltering volunteers


Interior view

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