We are proud to be affiliated with some excellent organisations.

The Low Impact Networklogo
This organisation collaborates with specialists in technical, philosophical and financial topics, and make the results accessible to the general public. They aim to help as many people as possible to live more sustainably and to reduce their reliance on the corporate sector.  Find out more by visiting


AECB-logo-small (6)The Association for Environment Conscious Building
The AECB is a network of individuals and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building.  It brings together builders, architects, designers, manufacturers, students, educators, housing associations and local authorities, to develop, share and promote best practice in environmentally sustainable building. They pride themselves on independence, relevance and practicality. Find out more by visiting


SBUK – Straw Bale Building UKsbuk-logo-small (6)
SBUKs aim is to promote straw bale building and best practice within the sector

SBUK is an association of:

  • Practitioners
  • Designers
  • Academics
  • Enthusiasts
  • Trainers

Who have banded together to provide a resource hub to aid you on your straw-bale building journey, more information can be found by visiting


ASBP – Alliance of Sustainable Building Products
ASBP champion products that are better for us and the environment as well as those companies and organisations prepared to push the boundaries. They work from a position of independence from government and from short term commercial interests.

  • They organise events to stimulate debates and champion best practice
  • Carry out research to bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • Develop and scrutinise sustainability standards
  • Provide evidence to inform better policies

Here are two informative briefing papers produced by ASBP:

Improving indoor air quality – the benefits of natural fibre insulation

Formaldehyde – it’s effects on human health

Find out more by visiting


CANW- Coppice Association North West

CANW is all about:

  • Promoting coppicing in our woodlands
  • Conserving woodlands and encouraging appropriate management
  • Providing mutual support, information, advice and training
  • Giving a voice to all involved in coppice woodland management

Find out more by visiting


BLF – Building Limes Forum 

The Building Limes Forum exists to encourage expertise and understanding in the appropriate use of building limes and education in the standards of production, preparation, application and after-care. The Building Limes Forum facilitates the exchange of experience, information and opinion amongst its members. Members form a community of lime enthusiasts and practitioners, many of whom are producers, suppliers, specifiers or users of lime.

Find out more by visiting