Eileen Sutherland

Eileen is a partner in Straw Works and is Director of Business Development. During the past six years she has been working with Barbara to develop the current suite of training courses. Eileen also teaches some of the courses. Recently she has been involved in establishing the School of Natural Building.

Her interest in construction started with her Dad. He ran a building company and celebrated the day of Eileen’s birth by putting the mixer on the plot where he was to build their family home.

Despite this, Eileen wasn’t immediately drawn to a career in natural house building – that came later. First she tried becoming a teacher, establishing a manufacturing business, having children, doing an MBA, working as a project manager and at business development…then the moment arrived.

Transporting bales by sledge in snowy Bulgaria

Transporting bales by sledge in snowy Bulgaria

Eileen had heard great things about Barbara Jones, so she contacted her, attended a course and invited Barbara to train her and her family (& a few others) to build the first strawbale property in Bulgaria.

Eileen has tremendous enthusiasm for strawbale building and because of her own straw house she can bring some experiential learning to the table. She can empathise with those who aspire to live in a ‘greener’ society because that’s exactly what she wants as well.