Dragons’ Den

We had some wonderful responses from all the Dragons:

“If you want to build a straw house in the UK, go to Barbara Jones.” (Touker Suleyman)

“I really admire what you have done.” (Tej Lalvani)

“I love this type of thing and I think it’s beautiful. I also love what you’re trying to do.  I would buy one of these properties…I would come to you. No doubt about it.” (Peter Jones)

“I can feel your passion…I want to call you eco-warriors.” (Jenny Campbell)

“I love what you do and I love you’re doing it with heart.” (Deborah Meaden)


Since our spectacular appearance on Dragon’s Den we are still looking for investment/donations to help us continue the essential work we are doing in raising awareness about straw and natural building. We passionately believe we have the solution for high quality, affordable and healthy housing for everyone this way, that combats climate change.

We asked the Dragons for £50,000 for marketing and publicity, they couldn’t see a way to make money out of this vision – there isn’t one yet! – but if we can get the word out much more widely to the developers and construction industry then many more companies will start looking into this way of building.

Can you help us? We want to raise awareness within Housing Associations, Local Authorities, and major developers. We are not selling a product, and have no income to support this – hence asking for your help. We need to employ an assistant who can work with us on all the leads we have, and develop more. If you can help, please send donations to the:-

Coop Bank details