Led by Barbara Jones, we are the most experienced and prolific team in the UK designing strawbale houses: loadbearing, infill, hybrid and pre-fabricated panel. We have a huge breadth of work, and can turn our imagination and skill to just about anything. Below are some of the many projects we have designed, consulted on and built.



We have a very strong and experienced design team comprising Associates trained in design, engineering and construction. We have 20 years experience designing strawbale buildings using lots of other natural materials as well. Barbara Jones has been involved in hundreds of designs either as main designer or as consultant.

We are very principled about our work and aim to use only natural materials. We never design with cement – this is not a natural material, is not sustainable and absolutely not necessary. We have pioneered several designs for foundations through UK Building Control and you can see them here. We also use no plastic in our foundation designs and only use it for plumbing and electrical services.

We are specialists at working with self builders and provide designs that are easy to build and affordable. We also provide a series of short courses designed to help anyone preparing to build with straw bales.