Car Tyre Foundations Course

Tulse Hill, London 1st -3rd April 2017

This is Stage One of a large new Community Hall at Holy Trinity Church, Tulse Hill – near Brixton in South London.

It is the first straw bale church building in Europe and the largest urban straw bale community build in the UK.

Straw Works have designed shallow car-tyre foundations, which sit on firm London clay.  Although the clay will expand and contract over time, the flexibility of straw and other building materials will be able to absorb this.  The Tulse Hill straw build is a very challenging and exciting project.

This 3-day course will focus on the car-tyre foundations, using an upcycled material which would otherwise go to land fill, you will learn all you need to know about this is fantastic alternative for building foundations – and with NO concrete in sight!

Barbara Jones will be teaching on this course. She is the most experienced strawbale builder in the UK.  She has a world-wide reputation, she works as a trainer, builder, designer, consultant and writer in the field of natural building. Barbara loves to teach and ensures course participants will have a wonderful learning experience.